Well I’m 60 or so, at this age it don’t matter. The thing is I’m in my golden year there’s no way to hide from it, you well be old a lot longer than you’ll be young. In an instant your 20, No longer a teenager, just old! So back to me.>>>Here’s something to think about I’m not afraid of who I am or what I look like there isn’t nothing I can do about it. I am what I am.. I’m a Jeweler, Biker Bum, Bloger, Dont get me rouge I love Harley’s, but not  violence I just love Bikes. I get a government pension for getting drafted a long time ago, the last draft I think, now I can do something I was told I could never do! That’s writing ?? I am a dyslexic  an I’m trying to move through the fears of my back word mind, that seems not to learn thing, but keeps on trucking like this is not important over an over agin my little pea drain is going to get it or I will kill both of us… so That’s Me



One thought on “About

  1. Stefani Bartlette says:

    Daddy I’m so proud of you, that a boy you can do it let them have it. I love you so much. I will read your blog every day don’t be to dirty though OK By.


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